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Laws & Customs

Victory Victuals
The customs of Purim involve happiness and Jewish unity
Before the Purim Feast
A special prayer to be said during the Purim festive meal
Mystic Purim Pastries
Ten Secrets of Hamantaschen
Electronic Megillah Readings
Air is a tangible substance according to Jewish Law; particles of matter are actually vibrating.
Knowing How to Not Know
At the Purim festive meal, we are able to draw the light of the divine spark that is within the kelipot, without illuminating the kelipot themselves.
Two Days of Purim
The Megillah is officially read four times in 16 cities in Israel, including Safed, Hebron and Tiberias
Hiding Faces and Wearing Costumes
The custom to wear disguises on Purim is related to our forefather Yaakov’s wearing of his twin brother Esav’s clothes