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Mystical Classics

An anthology of explanations from the Ramban, Rabeinu Bachya, the Shelah, Rabbi Alshich, and the Ohr Hachayim

Purim and the Secret of Wine
In wine we see an allusion to the possibility of unlimited growth and improvement.
Terror in Our Time
Kabbalah prophecies
From Jacob to Mordechai
Mordechai was the reincarnation of Jacob and Haman the reincarnation of Esau.
In the Days of Ahasuerus
The past tense indicates entropy and lack of present or potential existence.
Inspired and Eternal
Proofs that the Book of Esther was written with divine inspiration
The Winning Equation
Mordecai and Esther’s strength originated in their equivalent values.
An End to Limping
Mordechai’s unwavering stand repaired a 1214-year wound and changed the course of history, affecting us until today.
Secret of Queen Esther
Power of the Name