Creator and Creation

Shattered Vessels
Introduction to the Ari's Concept of Shevirat haKeilim
Creation and the Name of 72
All worlds and all creatures were created through permutations of holy names
Two Systems of Ten Sefirot
The divine attribute 'Crown' represents the underlying creative will of G-d.
Angels 1: The True Story
Introduction to the nature of angels
Angels 2: Wings on Fire
Having studied angels from the world of emotion, we now move toward the mind
Angels 3: Bad Angels
Evil forces are a result of our own doing
Table for Correspondences
Ready reference for Kabbalistic terms
Oneness and the Infinite
Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite revelation of G-d.
Chaos and the Primordial
A level so sublime that it is almost imperceptible.
Close to the Light
The vessels are nullified to the light.
The World of Creation
Outside of the realm of the Infinite Light.
Forming Time and Space
The characteristics of the world of Yetzira are beyond the limitations of physical space.
Action and the Physical
Asiya, the world of Action, is really the ultimate purpose of Creation.
Jacob's Ladder
Kabbalah teaches there are four layers of consciousness through which we ascend.
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