The following prayer is to be said during the Purim festive meal, after having fulfilled the mitzvot of reading Megillat Esther, giving matanot le’evyonim [charity to the poor], and sending mishloach manot ish lere’ehu [portions of food to one’s friends]:

May it be acceptable before You, the L-rd our G‑d and G‑d of our ancestors, that You will do, for the sake of Your mercy and Your love, and for the sake of the light of the malchut of Abba [the light of Ein Sof revealed through Mordechai ha’yehudi in each Jew] that is revealed today, and in the merit of Mordechai ha’tzadik himself, whose soul-root is from this exalted light, as it is written, "And Mordechai went forth from the presence of the King dressed in malchut, [royal robes of] sky-blue and white, and a great ateret [crown] of gold, and a cloak of fine linen and purple" (Esther 8:15); and for the sake of the mitzvah of having heard the Megillah today, which is also called iggeret [letter] and sefer [book]; and in the merit of the mitzvah of charity to the poor, and the mitzvah of sending food portions to dear ones; and in the merit of the mitzvah of the seudah, today: Have compassion on us and on all Israel our brethren. Irradiate us with the great light of Your face, the face of the Living King, the King of Life. Give us long life, good life, rectified life. Fill our hands with Your blessings, from the great wealth of Your hands. Spread the succah of Your shalom over us. Rectify us with good council. Bless us and all Israel with shalom, goodness, blessing, grace, love, mercy. Bless us all, our Father, as one, in the light of Your face.

Compassionate One, all our lacks and needs are revealed and known before You. Behold, the time is right for You to redeem us, to grace us, to have compassion on us, in the fullness of Your mercy and the infiniteness of Your love. Truly You are gracious and compassionate, and Your way is to bestow Your love freely. You therefore act charitably towards all flesh and spirit. O Good One, don’t ever let Your mercies fail us. O Compassionate One, never stop showering us with Your love. May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable before You, G‑d, my Rock [in this world] and my Redeemer [throughout all eternity] (Psalm 19:15).

[translated by Avraham Sutton.]