The Sciences

Mysticism and Modern Physics
Torah & modern physics believe in complete unity of the universe.
Right and Left Brain Activity
The hemispheres of the brain correspond to chochma and bina
Human Healing - A Torah Model
3 methods of healing: new look at spiritual strength.
The Heart and Its Energy
Physical and spiritual energy link up in the heart
Modern Physics and the Shamir
We have lost an important instrument for the building of the Temple.
Jewish Acupuncture
Kabbalistic healing practices
Infinity in Torah and Mathematics
By Tsvi-Yehuda Saks
Mathematical infinity is a powerful example of science clarifying a deep concept in Torah, and of science supporting a controversial Torah statement about the creation.
Positive Vision
We must be careful how we view things, or interpret them, as our very ‘seeing’ affects the quality of that thing.
When did humankind begin to see – experience – the universe as one unified entity, instead of a composite of myriad pieces?
Spiritual Technology
As science has learned to unleash the power of the atom, the world has learned that size is not always an indication of power.

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