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Current Events

Heal Israel!
Gush Katif is connected to the 'right leg' of Yehuda and Israel
Terror in Our Time
Kabbalah prophecies
Healing from Amputation
Kabbalah encourages us after the trauma of the disengagement.
The Final Battle with Ishmael
The Zohar speaks of a fifth exile at the End of Days: Ishmael
Raging Waters
A Chasidic prediction of the Tsunami, 60 years ago
Nine, Eleven and Ten
9/11 reminds us of a lesson from an ancient Kabbalistic text.
Great Walls Will Fall
A prediction of the Zohar can inspire us to return to G-d
The Kabbala of Basra
Saddam, Bush and the Rebbe
New Year Stats
An astonishing revelation from Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics
To Speak in His Name
The motivations of our past and present embedded in two Hebrew words… are the secrets of the future.
The 9-11 Diary: Hitler Vs. Bin Laden
G-d wants you to be good, but he also wants you to shine.
Priestly Misconduct
Judaism acknowledges and sanctifies human desire.
Radicalism Today
A Shaking World
How will a Western world, complacent with its comforts, ever face the violent passion of thousands of religious zealots?
Obama and the Future of Israel
Has Zionism Lost Its Soul?
The rabbis of the Talmud understood something about the Jewish psyche and Mide Eastern politics that eluded many of the founders of modern Israel.
Woe to that Nation...
...who would place its coat between a lion and a lioness when they desire to mate.
The Muslims and Their Reward
The rise of the Arab world today was clearly described in the Zohar; it is only a passing state of affairs.
Abraham: Father of Separatism and Universalism
By Michael Fuah
Abraham is the father of the nation whose destiny it is to perfect the world.
Zefat Views on the News Behind the News
A highlight of this year is the introspection in the Islamic world that is tearing Muslim families and countries apart.
Iran and its Jewish Connection
The ‘Lion of Judah’ is an emblem among Jews almost as common as the Jewish Star.
Pure Red, Pure Mind
We have a ritually pure red cow. According to the Temple Institute of Jerusalem it is healthy and completely kosher.
Bentching vs. Hatikva; Torah vs. the UN
Talmudic rabbis understood something about the Jewish psyche and Middle Eastern politics which may have eluded the founders of modern Israel.
L.E.D Through the Darkness
Mystical Lessons from the Solar Eclipse
Mystical Lessons from the Solar Eclipse
Judah Maccabee at West Point
By Ambassador (ret.) Yoram Ettinger
A statue of Judah the Maccabee is displayed at the West Point Military Academy, along with the statues of the other eight historical military "Nine Worthies."
Korea in Kabbalah
In 1994, a noted Kabbalist surprisingly warned that of all the threats to Israel, North Korea posed the most danger.