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The Zohar

Rashbi: Basic Kabbalah Tenets
Encompassing the Infinite
Tears Shed Over Divorce
The Altar cries with the divorcee's soul, left to an alien world.
Abraham's Presents to the East
What one seeks in This World directs the path of his soul as it ascends the spiritual realms.
Rashbi and His Circle
Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai—His Life and Works
Elijah's Prayer Meditation - Part 1
In-depth commentary on Patach Eliyahu
Elijah's Prayer Meditation - Part 2
In-depth commentary on Patach Eliyahu
Guarding the Covenant - Part 1
The Zohar comments on the power of a basic mitzvah: brit milah
Guarding the Covenant - Part 2
Guarding against illicit sexual activities unites day and night
72 'Names' of G-d
The 3 verses of 24 letters each refer in sequence to the divine attributes of chesed, gevura, and tiferet.
More Than Just Stories
The Zohar teaches that every word in the Torah reflects higher wisdom and higher secrets.
Rashbi's Passing
On the day of Rebbe Shimon’s death, he revealed great secrets.

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