Mystic Stories

Wonders and inspiration from Kabbalists, Chasidic Rebbes, remarkable Jews

A High-Powered Lawyer
In the merit of giving charity, a Jew is saved in court from his adversaries.
A Purim Secret
One Purim, the holy secrets of a simple water-carrier were revealed . . .
The Purim Governor
On Purim, intoxication can even alter reality.
The Onion Plot
They could remember occasions when there was no meat or fish, but whoever heard of being without onions?
The Purim Code
Rabbi Michoel-Dov Wessmandl asked me, "Did I ever tell you how many letters there are in the Book of Esther?"
The Crazy Son-in-Law
The townspeople stared and were astonished; they decided the poor fellow must have lost his mind.
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