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The Inner Aspect of the World
The study of Kabbala affects our relationship with the nations
The Mitzvot of Non-Jews
The perfection of the world requires the spreading of the seven Noahide commandments
Jewish and Non-Jewish Tikun
Jewish 7 reflects unity while non-Jewish 7 represents plurality
Kosher Kabbalah for Non-Jews?
Chief Rabbi of Safed declares Kabbalah study by non-Jews a positive development.
A Delivery to All the Nations
Unlike the nations, on Rosh Hashana the Jewish nation accepts upon itself G-d's sovereignty.
Foundation of the World
The Noahide commandments are eminently sensible…except the law forbidding eating a limb severed from a living animal.
Abraham's Presents to the East
What one seeks in This World directs the path of his soul as it ascends the spiritual realms.