The Holy Ari

The Holy Ari
Rabbi Yitzchak Luria was undisputedly the greatest practitioner and expounder of Kabbalah since Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, author of the Zohar.
Northern Exposure
The first word of the Torah also alludes to hidden beginnings.
4 Who Entered the Orchard
Part 1 of 2: Four Talmudic sages ascended to rectify the spiritual universes.
4 Who Entered the Orchard-Part 2
Part 2 of 2: Four Talmudic sages ascended to rectify the spiritual worlds
Anatomy of the Creation
The human form provides a model in which the worlds are enclothed
Blood Brothers, Soul Brothers
The shedding of blood damages the Divine Image
Four Aspects of the Emanated
There is an Emanator and an emanated
Get Up, Luz Bones!
The Resurrection of the Dead testifies that the soul and body were never totally apart
The Beginning: Heaven or Earth?
The Arizal resolves a dispute between two Talmudic schools
The Ways of the World
All of Creation stems from the root name of G-d - Havayah
Honoring Parents
Honoring Parents
Recipe for long life...
Righteous Generosity
Giving charity increases unity in the world
Redeeming a Firstborn Son
Extra care must be taken regarding new entities
Anger Remedy No. 1
By meditating on the divine root of anger, one can fix it.
Anger Remedy No. 2
While focusing on certain divine names during prayer, one can fix anger.
Washing Your Troubles Away
Rinsing before Grace functions as a bribe to the Other Side
Elevating the Flesh
Part 2
Proper intentions for slaughtering are the cosmic struggle between good and evil.
Mystical Significance of Hair - Part 2
Trimming facial hair has profound implications in the higher worlds
Mystical Significance of Hair - Part 1
Kabbalah teaches that hair is recognized for its spiritual power
Betrothal: Uniting Two Souls
Two Lights - Betrothal and Marriage
The kabbala on the significance of theft and restoration
Preparing for Kabbala
Observance of the mitzvot is primary…to eliminate the thorns…
Gate of Reincarnations - Introduction
The Torah Concept of Reincarnation
Betrothal: Uniting Two Souls
Two Lights - Betrothal and Marriage
Spiritual Wages
G-d also rewards His 'employees' from the week through Shabbat
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