Chasidic Masters

An anthology of inspirational insights from the Baal Shem Tov and the Hasidic leaders of the succeeding generations

Waking the King
Waking the King
The inner dimension of the soul always has the power to awaken.
Esther: Scent from Above
Kabbalah teaches that Esther was a reincarnation of Eve.
The forces of evil usually present themselves in garments of holiness.
Behind the Masks
Purim transcends rationality
Kabbalah reveals who is the true King of the Purim story.
The Appeal of Evil
If Vashti removes all her masks, she instantaneously loses all of her appeal and charm….the "clothes" of evil have no "emperor" within them.
Costume Connections
In Tetzaveh we read about the unique garments of the kohanim; on Purim we dress in masquerade.
The Power of Prayer on
By Rabbi Avraham Schorr
An innovative reason for the mitzvah of drinking much wine on Purim.
Antidote to Amalek
The secret for how to destroy Amalek, the sworn enemy of G-D and of the Jewish people, is to be found in the verse that commands us to do so!
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