Gender Issues

The Female Aspect of Adam
Adam originally included both male and female.
The Gender Metaphor
Kabbalah explains that the Infinite Creator and Creation yearn to be united, as male and female.
Mystical Aspects of Femininity
Kabbalah teaches that there are upper and lower spiritual aspects of femininity.
The Kabbalah of Gender
Kabbalah teaches that the masculine sees from above to below - the feminine from below to above.
Kabbala, Redemption and Femininity
The very concept of redemption is intrinsically related to women
Small Light to Rule by Night
The development of the feminine is the rectification of the world
Malchut and the Feminine - Part 1
Part One on the Kabbala of Femininity
Malchut and the Feminine - Part 2
Part Two on the Kabbala of Femininity
Not Good to be Alone
When man and wife come together, they bring about a union of the supernal attributes

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