Daily Activities

The Spirituality of Eating
Kabbalah teaches that eating is also spiritual.
The Apple Revealed
An old remedy...reconsidered
Deeds of Loving Kindness
Meditate on loving-kindness throughout your daily activities.
The World of Dreams
Kabbalah encourages us to see the messages communicated in our dreams.
Soul Clothes
Soul Clothes
Jewish mystics teach that by dressing in a proper manner we increase loving-kindness in the world.
Redeeming Laughter - Part 1
Laughter has the power to unify opposites
Redeeming Laughter - Part 2
Pt. 2: the mystical connection between laughter and redemption
Mystical Significance of Hair - Part 1
Kabbalah teaches that hair is recognized for its spiritual power
Mystical Significance of Hair - Part 2
Trimming facial hair has profound implications in the higher worlds
Refined Tastes
The menu at the banquet of Mashiach -- and the offering of Aaron
Bread and Salt
Kabbalah teaches that some aspects of divine sustenance are granted independently of our merits.
The Heavenly Root of Animals
Consuming Quail
Kabbalah teaches that even in the realm of meat-eating G-dliness can find expression.
Kabbalistic Hair Styles
Such a person ought to let his hair grow and grow
Food for a Holy Table
Active meditation emanates G-dliness; passivity only reinforces the ego
The Kabbalah of Salt
Descent can catalyze a sweetening of judgments.
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