Contemporary Kabbalists

Submitting to the Flow
The sefira of hod molds meaningful acceptance
Right and Left Brain Activity
The hemispheres of the brain correspond to chochma and bina
Alef Meditation
Meditate on the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
Environmental Influences
Our ability to embody diverse realities enables us to greatly influence the Creation.
Education Prioritization
An educator should first remove a pupil's most dangerous deficiency.
Transforming the Worlds
We heal the world by converting our desire to receive for ourselves alone
Rising to the Top
The Greeks defiled the oil in order to nullify the super-rational concept of purity.
Moonlight Illuminations
Every Rosh Chodesh [New Moon Day] brings a unique new spiritual light.
Imbued with Holiness
Reality is influenced by our perspective.
The Spirituality of Eating
Kabbalah teaches that eating is also spiritual.
Honoring Parents
Honoring Parents
Recipe for long life...
Angels of the Exodus
Kabbalah decodes hidden secrets regarding the Exodus from Egypt.
The Inner Aspect of the World
The study of Kabbala affects our relationship with the nations
One Stone from a Mountain
Affinity of form is the power that unites
Performance of mitzvot fixes specific aspects of the soul
The Gender Metaphor
Kabbalah explains that the Infinite Creator and Creation yearn to be united, as male and female.
Small Light to Rule by Night
The development of the feminine is the rectification of the world
Double Identity
On Shabbat, the mysteries of the Torah are opened
Revealing the Concealed
As the generations unfold, greater secrets become revealed
Shabbat: Gateway to Delight
Shabbat enables us to access the all-encompassing quality of delight
Seeing Shabbat
One must see that G-d has given him Shabbat.
The Letter Gimel
The 3rd letter of the alef-bet teaches us about reward and punishment
Three Categories of Kabbalah
Meet theoretical, meditative, and practical Kabbala.
The Transmission of Kabbalah
The study of Kabbala today is a tradition dating back to the most ancient of Jewish sages.
The Allurement of Kabbalah
The flowing fountain of Kabbalah is never severed from its source.
Rabbi Rafael-Moshe Luria of blessed memory: A Memorial
"Every single year, I saw a different man, imbued with a higher level of light."
Wonders of Divine Names
The Hebrew letters are a mystical treasure chest of consciousness.
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