First Steps

Beginning Kabbalah
Imbued with Holiness
Reality is influenced by our perspective.
Ten Powers of the Soul
Meet the sefirot in their relation to the soul.
Neshamah: Levels of Soul Consciousness
The divine soul involves five ascending levels of consciousness
The divine soul involves five ascending levels of consciousness
Receiving Kabbalah
Kabbalah teaches that our individual lives reflect a universal process.
Angels 1: The True Story
Introduction to the nature of angels
Preparing for Kabbala
Observance of the mitzvot is primary…to eliminate the thorns…
The Alphabet - Letters of the Torah
Beginning overview of the Hebrew letters
The Glassblower Analogy
The soul -- a vessel being formed
One Stone from a Mountain
Affinity of form is the power that unites
The Other Side
To release the holy spark, the encumbering shell of evil must be removed.
Performance of mitzvot fixes specific aspects of the soul
Transforming the Worlds
We heal the world by converting our desire to receive for ourselves alone
Judaism and Reincarnation
Kabbalah on Judaism and reincarnation
Angels are divine emissaries with form but no substance.
Revelation and Concealment
Compassion is imbued into the very fabric of existence.
Creation and Marriage
Like a meteorite entering earth’s gravitational field, marriage and the family are disintegrating.
In the beginning of life, there is no otherness.
Not by Bread Alone
When we eat foods that are kosher, and with a blessing, we elevate divine sparks back to their spiritual source.
Great Crocodile of the Nile
Pharaoh represented the source of all spiritual impurity

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