Other Safed Kabbalists

Rabbi Moshe Cordovero
His work is called Paradise.
Ramak's Works
Advocate of Kabbala learning
Soul Meditation
Linking one's awareness to the Divine, in prayer
Four Who Entered Paradise
They ascended to Heaven by using the Holy Name.
Deeds of Loving Kindness
Meditate on loving-kindness throughout your daily activities.
Yosef Caro: Selections
Rabbi Caro takes advice from an angel
Rabbi Yosef Caro's Works
It took 20 years to write commentary on the Tur "Beit Yosef"
Works of Rabbi Chaim Vital
Rabbi Chaim is reknowned for his compilation of the Arizal's teachings.
Keys to True Prophecy
Practical Kabbala Today
Rabbi Moshe Alshich: Works
The Alshich's teachings on the weekly Torah portion earned him much acclaim
Rabbi Shlomo Alkabetz: Works
An important Kabbalist, Rav Alkabetz is most known for his 'Lecha Dodi' poem
Lecha Dodi: Welcoming the Bride
Mystical hymn to Shabbat
Meditation on a Mishna
Concentration on a Mishna links the soul to greater ones
Secret of Queen Esther
Power of the Name
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