Divine Names

Tree Trunk Tetragrammaton
Kabbalah teaches that to understand G‑d's unity, one must understand His Divine Names.
Divine Names: Like Holy Keys
"Gates of Light-Sha'arei Orah", Introduction (Harper Collins)
Kabbalah reveals that the entire Torah is dependant upon G-d's Names.
Tzeva-ot: Master of Legions
G-d as manifest in the myriad hosts of creatures of the lower worlds…
Free to Be What I Will Be
The Jewish Nation wished to know the name used to redeem them.
The Shield for the Sun
The name Elokim is generally associated with the sefira of gevura
What's in an Utterance?
The names of all creations are the letters in the Holy Tongue which descend through stages from G-d's Ten Utterances of Creation.
One Name to Rule Them All
Moses taught Pharaoh the extent of the dominion of G-d.
The relationship between the two Divine Names in 'Shema Yisrael'
Master of Legions
G-d is manifest in the myriad hosts of creatures of the lower worlds.
Keeping Out of the Limelight
Everything which a person does in a hidden manner is blessed
Wonders of Divine Names
The Hebrew letters are a mystical treasure chest of consciousness.
Oneness for Everyone
Everything holy appropriate for Moses is fitting for the lowest of souls.
Judgment within Mercy
G-d communicates various aspects of Himself via different respective divine names.
72 'Names' of G-d
The 3 verses of 72 letters each refer in sequence to the divine attributes of chesed, gevura, and tiferet.
Fashion Statements of the High Priest
The Arizal reveals secrets of the urim v'tumim worn by the High Priest.
Garment for the Light
The diversity within Creation in no way challenges divine unity.
By My Name I Was Not Known
Kabbalah says that via the Torah's commandments we connect to the essence of the Divine.
Two Names of G-d
Studying the Torah and fulfilling its commandments enable us to contain the transcendent Divine consciousness.
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