Laws & Customs

Some Basic Pesach Laws
A few main Passover customs
The Annual Blessing Over Trees
Kabbalah teaches that the blessing upon blossoming fruit trees can redeem souls.
Telling the Tale
The Rebbes would instruct the guests at their Seder tables to read the Hagaddah in a loud voice.
A Half Divided By Five
The two halves of the matzah correspond to the two redemptions we celebrate on the night of Passover.
The Seder Plate: A Microcosm of Your Psyche
One purpose of the Seder is to provide us with tools to experience emotional and spiritual freedom.
The Fifteen Steps of Spiritual Instruction
The mnemonic/poem Kadesh, Urechatz etc. is attributed to the great commentator Rashi.
The Three Matzos: Their Outer & Inner Meanings
The three matzos correspond to the three levels of intellect before they are touched and ignited by Divine love.
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