The Holy Ari

Outstanding Kabbalist of the last 1800 years; Leader of the Safed circle of mystics

The Snake at the Sea's End
Kabbalah teaches that Pharoah represents a misplacement of divine consciousness.
The Power in a Name
The consciousness of intellect is altogether different from that of emotion.
Kabbala and the 10 Plagues
In Kabbalah, each of the Ten Plagues combated a corresponding emanation of wickedness.
Atone with Bricks and Mortar - Part 1
Early generations set the pattern for nurturing evil in this world.
On Guard from Age Thirteen until Twenty
It is not apparent to everyone when the Good Inclination enters the child's consciousness; only G-d is aware of this.
Bar-Mitzvah and the Search for Chametz
The intentions the parents have when conceiving a child determine the nature of the child's spiritual garment
Conversation with a Soul
In Paradise you will eat the bread of the Torah that you studied while you were in that world
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