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A Half Divided By Five
The two halves of the matzah correspond to the two redemptions we celebrate on the night of Passover.
The first half of the Seder focuses on the redemption from Egypt which was incomplete, represented by the smaller piece of matzah which remains in front of us as we recount "Magid".

The second half of the Seder focuses on the future, eternal redemption, represented by the afikoman which remains hidden, just as the day of our future redemption remains hidden from us.
Some Basic Pesach Laws
A few main Passover customs
We search for chametz immediately after the evening prayers the day before the holiday starts. It is not only a physical search but a spiritual one also. We must check ourselves for misplaced ego - spiritual leaven - the great separator between man and G-d.

If you don't know how to make a Passover Seder yourself, go to someone else's kosher-for-Passover house. Have a kosher and happy Festival of Our Liberation!
The Seder Plate: A Microcosm of Your Psyche
One purpose of the Seder is to provide us with tools to experience emotional and spiritual freedom.
The entire Seder, beginning with the Seder Plate, provides us with tools to achieve personal transcendence; to experience emotional and spiritual freedom. As such, the Seder is actually a snapshot of your life; a microcosm of your psyche; a reflection of your soul.
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