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Chasidic Masters

An anthology of inspirational insights from the Baal Shem Tov and the Hasidic leaders of the succeeding generations

Egypt on the Lam
The Passover Offering was designed to defeat the astrological powers of Egypt
Like Frogs Jumping into Dough
Only in the merit of Shabbat were the Israelites permitted to serve G‑d with self-sacrifice
7th of Pesach: Soul Renewal
The Splitting of the Sea brought the revelation of the higher level of the soul.
Losing Awareness of G-d
The purpose of the plagues was to teach us about G-d.
Not by Way of the Philistines
When the four-letter Name comes first, the forces of Loving-kindness prevail; if not, forgetfulness rules.
Blessed Seder Preparations
To draw down the light of Pesach, we must prepare ourselves spiritually.
Land and Sea
The splitting of the Red Sea is among the greatest revelations ever.