Mystical Classics

An anthology of explanations from the Ramban, Rabeinu Bachya, the Shelah, Rabbi Alshich, and the Ohr Hachayim

One Name to Rule Them All
Moses taught Pharaoh the extent of the dominion of G-d.
No Turning Back
The Israelites misunderstood Moses' pleas on their behalf.
Angels of the Exodus
Kabbalah decodes hidden secrets regarding the Exodus from Egypt.
Maharal's Magic Matzah
Matzah illustrates how we were miraculously lifted out of the constraints of time and space.
Exodus: Rejuvenating Creation
Israel's refinement in Egypt prepared the way for sweetening all Creation
The Lamb of Unity
The Passover Offering hints at the uniqueness and unity of the Jewish nation.
Laban did not chase Jacob with an army of men to wage war against him, but intended to kill him with his mouth.
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