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The Lamb of Unity
The Passover Offering hints at the uniqueness and unity of the Jewish nation.
The Jewish People were spared from the ten Plagues for G-d took them as a personal nation and made them a part of Himself. Therefore they earned the privilege of serving G-d and were obligated to bring the Pesach Offering, which served as a sign that they had a unique relationship with G-d.
Exodus: Rejuvenating Creation
Israel's refinement in Egypt prepared the way for sweetening all Creation
The purpose of Israel's exile and enslavement in Egypt was to refine the nation in the "iron crucible" so that the contamination caused by the Original Sin would be purged from them in order to enable them to receive the Torah.
One Name to Rule Them All
Moses taught Pharaoh the extent of the dominion of G-d.
The Shelah teaches that all the miracles performed by G-d in Egypt, which defied all known laws of nature, were invoked by the Ineffable Four-lettered Name, "Havayah", which symbolizes G-d as a composite of the Hebrew words for "He was, He is, He will be", the One who created the world ex nihilo and Who is eternal.
No Turning Back
The Israelites misunderstood Moses' pleas on their behalf.
"...the way you see Egypt this day you will never see Egypt again"

The Zohar is at pains to point out that the Torah does not speak about Egyptians being viewed as dead, but rather Egypt, i.e. the celestial minister of Egypt. G-d made a point of showing the dead celestial minister to the Israelites.
Maharal's Magic Matzah
Matzah illustrates how we were miraculously lifted out of the constraints of time and space.
The matzah at the Seder table consists only of flour and water. It is called lechem oni, literally a “poor” bread, likened to the impoverished The poor person’s lack of possessions allows him a type of freedom from the burden of the physical world. So too the nation of Israel were released from the chains of bondage, entering an existence beyond the demands of Egypt.
Laban did not chase Jacob with an army of men to wage war against him, but intended to kill him with his mouth.
"...put the first fruits in a basket"

Every single thing has a "first fruit" waiting to be appreciated and connected to the conscious human intelligence. Absorb within yourself the holy intelligence within and soak up its Divine spark.
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