We can now understand the greatness of Purim's miracle. By casting the pur-lottery, Haman attained a position higher than the Worlds. At that location, darkness and light are equivalent. As Solomon hinted, "The spider captures its prey with its handiwork [since] it is inside the King's palace." (Proverbs 30:28; see Torah Ohr, page 5:b) That's why "Haman schemed to erect a fifty-cubit high gallows" (Esther 5:14), for the Fiftieth Gate is above the system of Worlds.

This is the miracle of Purim. Despite the fact this level is elevated above the system of Worlds - where darkness is the same as light - nonetheless, even there: "He will choose for us our inheritance, the pride of Jacob that He loves for eternity." (Psalms 47:5) His choice will be within Jewish souls.

Jewish souls are supreme within the sefira of chochma. As Moses supplicated, "Gaze down from Your divine abode, from the heavens, and bless Your nation Israel." (Deut. 26:15) "Your Divine abode" refers to the sefira of chochma. The verse then concludes, "…and bless Your nation Israel."

Haman thought he could preempt the preeminence of the Jews by ascending above chochma into the pre-Creation site of Infinity. In this elevated position, darkness is similar to light. Nevertheless, G‑d "foiled his plot." (Prayer liturgy for Purim)

Through the Jews' willingness to sacrifice their lives...they reached the level above the system of Worlds….

Through the Jews' willingness to sacrifice their lives for the duration of almost a whole year, they reached the level above the system of Worlds. This is because self-sacrifice exceeds reason, understanding and even the faculty of Will. It is impelled by the essence of the soul.

The Talmud remarks about marriage, "A wife is selected in heaven for each man according to his conduct." (Sota 2a) Although matches are made in the realm of Divinity, which is above Worlds, nevertheless they are decided precisely in accord with man's deeds. By means of the Jews' acts of veritable self-sacrifice, then, even regarding the lofty level of Infinity above the system of Worlds, still, G‑d "will choose for us our inheritance, the pride of Jacob that He loves for eternity."

Moses hinted to this miracle in the verse "For Jacob is the lot of G‑d's inheritance." (Deut. 32:9) Onkelos, the second-century Sage, translates the verse as pertaining to a lottery. (Targum Onkelos on the verse) Hence, even regarding the level of lotteries, where darkness is similar to light, G‑d selects the "pride of Jacob".

The explanation for this is: although darkness is like light in the realm of Infinity, this equivalence applies specifically to Infinity's superficial or outer dimension. Within the inner aspect of Infinity however, G‑d's choice is specifically Jewish souls.

Even in respect to the lottery itself, Jewish souls were chosen….

Kabbala employs geometric figures to illustrate the creation process. Once creation was set in place a finite system of cause and effect transfers light and life-force from above to below. This transmission began after a light ray consisting of near-infinite points of space-time shone forth into "space." Space had hitherto been filled with the Infinite Light. The Light was withdrawn to permit the introduction of the quasi-finite Creation Beam. Although it is hidden from us, the Infinite Light remains. It encompasses space-time like a sphere.

The outer dimension of this sphere is Standard Infinity. Since Infinity is above limitation, it is accessible to evil. What's more, evil obtains so much energy, it prevails.

But concealed within the sphere's inner core resides True Infinity. There, G‑d is above the self-imposed limits of infinity. For Standard Infinity, by definition, can't discriminate, just as a circle has neither a beginning nor end. But in True Infinity, no such restriction binds G‑d. He can choose whatever He wishes. And He chose the Jews.

"Thus these days were named Purim based on the word 'pur'." (Esther 9:26) The fundamental miracle of Purim was the lottery. Although a lottery is above the system of Worlds where darkness matches light, nevertheless even in respect to the lottery itself, Jewish souls were chosen.

Haman's evil scheme was frustrated. And they were hanged on the very "gallows that he had prepared for Mordechai". That is, Haman was hanged in the realm of Infinity, which is above the system of Worlds!

With the complete Redemption may we experience the fulfillment of the verses "G‑d chose for us our inheritance" and "I will utterly wipe out the memory of Amalek from under the heavens" (Ex. 17:14), speedily in our days.

[Translated and adapted by David Rothschild from a discourse on Purim 5713/1953]