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Eliminating Doubt
The seven Canaanite nations, which allude to seven bad qualities, were not to be annihilated but conquered and brought within the sacred. Not so Amalek whose essence is the planting of doubt in the existence of divine supervision. The quality of Amalek must be eradicated by revealing the light of the Torah so that doubt disappears.
Purim: the unification of chance and destiny
Lotteries operate on a plane higher than reason and understanding; the Providence of G-d guides it. Haman knew that Moses, the redeemer of the Jews, had passed away on the seventh of Adar. So when the lottery fell on that day, Haman rejoiced. But Haman didn't know that Moses was born on the same date!
An End to Evil
An End to Evil
" Amalek is the first among nations, and in the end he shall be destroyed."

It seems that the kelipa of Amalek contains no element that can be salvaged by means of refinement, that its only rectification is its utter eradication and destruction. Nonetheless, our Sages teach that some of Haman's descendants converted to Judaism and studied Torah.
Even Above the Lottery
Jewish souls are supreme within the sefira of chochma. Haman thought he could preempt the preeminence of the Jews by ascending above chochma into the pre-Creation site of Infinity by casting the pur-lottery. Haman's evil scheme was frustrated nonetheless, for within the inner aspect of Infinity, G‑d's choice is specifically Jewish souls.