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Throw a Frog at Story Time
The Zohar
It is an obligation of every person to tell the story of the leaving of Egypt with praise and with joy; this is a mitzva that applies for all time. Every person who rejoices happily in the telling of it will be invited in the future to rejoice with the Divine Presence.
Conversation with a Soul
The Holy Ari
The Ari discusses how the powers of the evil inclination set out to chase the soul in order to harm it when the soul leaves the body. This is because the evil inclination is also the accusing angel. After taking the soul from the body, it pursues it in order to harm it and take vengeance on it.
Maharal's Magic Matzah
Mystical Classics
The matzah at the Seder table consists only of flour and water. It is called lechem oni, literally a “poor” bread, likened to the impoverished The poor person’s lack of possessions allows him a type of freedom from the burden of the physical world. So too the nation of Israel were released from the chains of bondage, entering an existence beyond the demands of Egypt.
Breaking Through to Redemption
Chasidic Masters
The miracles of the Ultimate Redemption are compared to the wonders the Jewish People saw as they were coming out of Egypt. The revelation of G-d during the Egyptian exodus was great but limited, since it was enclothed in malchut. In the Era of Mashiach, there will be no garments obscuring Divine Revelation.
Blessed Seder Preparations
Contemporary Kabbalists
Light is like a seedling; at the beginning it requires our nurturing and our efforts to foster its growth. Like a field needs plowing and hoeing, weeding and watering, so do we need to prepare ourselves before the festival to enable us to properly praise and glorify G-d for all the miracles and all the good.
Dancing Out of Prison
Ascent Lights
The Shelah writes that all of the actions we do at the Seder are indications of the freedom of souls, not just the freedom of our bodies. We have been redeemed from within the kelipot, the "husks", the place where we were slaves to the temporal reality by virtue of our lack of consciousness.
At the Rebbe's Seder Table
Mystic Story
Some Basic Pesach Laws
Laws & Customs
We search for chametz immediately after the evening prayers the day before the holiday starts. It is not only a physical search but a spiritual one also. We must check ourselves for misplaced ego - spiritual leaven - the great separator between man and G-d.

If you don't know how to make a Passover Seder yourself, go to someone else's kosher-for-Passover house. Have a kosher and happy Festival of Our Liberation!
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