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The Four-fold Promise of Redemption
The nationhood of Israel is tied together with connection to G‑d.
When G-d promised Moses that He would deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt, He used four different expressions of deliverance. The first three primarily relate to taking the Children of Israel out from a physical subjugation.

However, the primary goal of the deliverance from Egypt was to bring them to spiritual freedom through receiving the Torah, referred to in the fourth expression of deliverance.
Partial to Goodness
G-d could not oppose the idolatry of nature with a force that was itself part of Creation.
In order to extricate the Jewish people from Egyptian materialism, G-d could not just "send an emissary", i.e. any created being. The idolatry of nature must be opposed with a force that transcends Creation and its laws.
Journey Forth!
Our task is to sanctify ourselves and the entire world one step at a time.
Four factions developed in front of the Sea of Reeds, each with another plan of action, all erroneous. The common denominator of them all was that their plan of action originated in their own human psyche.

When one reaches the level of absolute surrender and "travels forth", the sea is split -the deepest dimension of the soul, the aspect that is absolutely one with G‑d, is manifest.
Revealing Riches from the Sea
True exodus means freeing the G-dly soul from the shackles of the animal soul.
The primary achievement of the Exodus was to liberate the sparks of holiness trapped in Egypt. This occurred primarily at the splitting of the sea. The Egyptian wealth that the Jews took at the sea exceeded that which they took with them from Egypt.
Breaking Through to Redemption
In the Final Redemption, the miracles of the Egyptian exodus will seem like child's play.
The miracles of the Ultimate Redemption are compared to the wonders the Jewish People saw as they were coming out of Egypt. The revelation of G-d during the Egyptian exodus was great but limited, since it was enclothed in malchut. In the Era of Mashiach, there will be no garments obscuring Divine Revelation.
The Jew and Egypt
During the Egyptian exile, the Jewish people elevated all its divine sparks.
The purpose of exile is to elevate the fallen sparks of holiness that were scattered all over the earth and were mixed in with evil due to the sin of Adam. As opposed to all the other exiles, we are forbidden to return to Egypt for the Jewish people already elevated all the divine sparks that inhered in that culture and country.
The Fifteen Steps of Spiritual Instruction
Internalize the 15 steps of the Seder, and you will always be able to accept favorably whatever challenges you may face.
>The mnemonic poem Kadesh, Urechatz etc. recited at the start of the Pesach seder is attributed to the great commentator Rashi. According to several commentators it provides spiritual instructions as well.
On the Right & On the Left
We must enlist all possible facets of human nature in performing G-d's work.
The purpose of the sea's splitting was not merely to escape from the Egyptians; it also served as a foretaste of the Giving of the Torah and a preparation for it. At the Giving of the Torah, the G-dliness latent within the physical world would be fully revealed.
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