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Signs Inside and Out
Revealed actions on our part generate revealed responses from the Creator.
In their exile, the Israelites had sunk to the forty-ninth gate of spiritual impurity; there was very little difference between them and the Egyptians. Accordingly, G-d gave them two commandments, the blood of the Paschal lamb and the blood of circumcision, in order that they merit redemption by fulfilling them.
Waitin' 'Til the Midnight Hour
A doorway is for protection, not just a path to freedom.
The Sages teach that a person should not wander around outside at a time when the forces of judgment are about in the city. The Jews were obliged to stay at home on the night of Passover in Egypt because the forces of judgment were then unleashed.
The Bright Side of Enslavement
Kabbalah teaches that the Israelites' enslavement in Egypt served a higher purpose.
The Zohar teaches that the Israelites' enslavement in Egypt served a higher purpose in that it protected the Jewish people. Just as thorns protect the rose, the antipathy of the Egyptians towards the Israelites actually enabled the house of Jacob to grow into an entire nation without becoming assimilated.
Displaying Freedom
Based on Zohar Shemot 40A
Israel did not leave Egypt until the dominion of all Egypt's ministers in the spiritual realm above was broken. Then Israel left their domain, came under the authority of the Holiness above of G-d, and were bound only to Him.
Throw a Frog at Story Time
The King's might is increased when His subjects praise His majesty.
It is an obligation of every person to tell the story of the leaving of Egypt with praise and with joy; this is a mitzva that applies for all time. Every person who rejoices happily in the telling of it will be invited in the future to rejoice with the Divine Presence.
Leaders of People and of Time
Moses was the head of the nation; Shabbat leads in the aspect of time
The Zohar teaches that the spiritual leader of the Jewish people is the equivalent of the entire Israelite nation. If he is righteous and worthy as Moses was, then all the people are deemed worthy in his merit. However, if he is not worthy, then the entire people are punished.
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