Seventh (+ Eighth) Day

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Leaders of People and of Time
The Zohar
The Zohar teaches that the spiritual leader of the Jewish people is the equivalent of the entire Israelite nation. If he is righteous and worthy as Moses was, then all the people are deemed worthy in his merit. However, if he is not worthy, then the entire people are punished.
Conversation with a Soul
The Holy Ari
The Ari discusses how the powers of the evil inclination set out to chase the soul in order to harm it when the soul leaves the body. This is because the evil inclination is also the accusing angel. After taking the soul from the body, it pursues it in order to harm it and take vengeance on it.
Land and Sea
Land and Sea
Chasidic Masters
The parting of the physical waters of the sea was a reflection of the parting of the walls that conceal and obscure the inner dimensions of the lights of malchut and keter. For a short period of time, the order of nature - where that which is hidden cannot be revealed - was shattered, and the hidden worlds were apparent to every soul.
Journey Forth!
Contemporary Kabbalists
Four factions developed in front of the Sea of Reeds, each with another plan of action, all erroneous. The common denominator of them all was that their plan of action originated in their own human psyche.

When one reaches the level of absolute surrender and "travels forth", the sea is split -the deepest dimension of the soul, the aspect that is absolutely one with G‑d, is manifest.
Revealing Riches from the Sea
Contemporary Kabbalists
The primary achievement of the Exodus was to liberate the sparks of holiness trapped in Egypt. This occurred primarily at the splitting of the sea. The Egyptian wealth that the Jews took at the sea exceeded that which they took with them from Egypt.
Splitting the Illusions in Two
Ascent Lights
The water of the sea conceal that which is within its depths. When G d split the Red Sea, He removed that concealment, revealing the dry land underneath, representing G d's removal of divine concealment in the world. This splitting of the Sea gave the Jewish people for all generations the strength to withstand any obstacles blocking their path.
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