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Sleepy Head
Sleepy Head
Kabbalah teaches that Purim is a time of spiritual reawakening.
Like a king which influences and provides for his nation, Zeir Anpin provides sustenance to Nukva. The partzuf of Nukva/Rachel couples with Zeir Anpin "face to face" during the Redemption.
The Kabbala describes the miracle of Purim as an awaking in the midst of exile.
Haman declared: "There exists [in Hebrew, "yeshno" a nation scattered about and dispersed"

The Sages comment that this means: "Their god is sleeping [in Hebrew, 'yoshen''], referring to Zeir Anpin's state of unconsciousness, i.e. sleep, in order to restore the level of "communication" between Zeir Anpin and Nukva to face-to-face and build the Second Temple.
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