The Zohar

Teachings from the primary text of Kabbala, "The Book of Shining Light"

9th of Av: Be Your Own Doctor
On Tisha B'Av, our greatest weakness must be strengthened
The Covenant and the Avenging Sword
The Zohar teaches about the mystical origins of the tragedies of Tisha B'Av.
Missing Mother
Audio | 6:18
Missing Mother
Based on Zohar Chadash, Eicha 91a
We are not able to comprehend how great Israel was at the time of the Temple, and how evil was its destruction.
When The Sun and Moon were in Mourning
Based on Zohar Vayigash 210b
“He puts an end to darkness and searches out all perfection."
Hide and Seek
"Where is the Shechinah?" we lament.
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