Ascent Lights

Contemporary Illuminations from Ascent-of-Safed's director - Rabbi Shaul Leiter - & other staff & guest teachers

Temple Currency
Do we truly understand what was lost with the Temple's Destruction?
Glass-Half-Empty Consciousness of Tisha b’Av
We weep for the sorry state of our reality, yet find a way to embrace the present with unconditional acceptance.
The Hypnotism Test
In the month of Av, says Sefer Yetzira, the sense of listening is up for rectification.
Twenty-Two Days
The "Three Weeks" are comparable to drawing the outline of a picture, which is then filled in with a full array of color.
Decrease In Joy
When we act with self-sacrifice, we bring the Redemption closer
Fifteenth of Av - Tu B'Av
Jewish Holidays and the Full Moon
The Fifteenth of Av is the Jewish Holiday that among all holidays most captures the essence of its Full Moon component.
Visions of Redemption
As the destruction was prophesied, so too we trust in the renewal foretold
G-d Fulfills Righteous Wills
Persistence paves the way to Redemption.
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