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The Covenant and the Avenging Sword
The Zohar teaches about the mystical origins of the tragedies of Tisha B'Av.
Our enemies attacked us and the Jewish People were banished from the Land of Israel because they did not keep Shabbat properly and due to the sin of baseless hatred that Joseph's brothers felt towards him, that led them to sell him into slavery in Egypt.
Hide and Seek
"Where is the Shechinah?" we lament.
The word "eicha", the first word of the book of Lamentations, also appears in the Torah portion Devarim. A different word with the same spelling also appears in the verse after Adam ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam knew he has done wrong and hid; afterwards, G-d banishes both he and Eve from the Garden of Eden. This parallels the destruction of the Temples and the exile of the Jews from the Holy Land.
9th of Av: Be Your Own Doctor
On Tisha B'Av, our greatest weakness must be strengthened
Fasting strengthens our resolve to not give in to temptation at its most basic level. By succeeding we strengthen the forces of the holy in our own body and empower the rebuilding of the Temple.
When The Sun and Moon were in Mourning
Based on Zohar Vayigash 210b
When the Temple was destroyed and the Children of Israel were exiled from their land because of their sins, G-d's Presence departed from Above and went into exile with them.

Even heaven and earth themselves mourned because the Other Side reigned the Holy Land. Thus it behooves any man to mourn with Her and be abased with Her and when the Holy Kingdom arises and the world rejoices, he shall also rejoice with Her.
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