Rabbi Yonatan ben Uziel neglected to marry, dedicating his time in this world to learning Torah. Many people believe that he dedicates his efforts in the World of Truth to helping soul mates find one another. In any case, the thousands who pray at his gravesite for help in finding their true mate have elected him to the job!

Yonatan ben Uziel lived 2000 years ago. His "hilula" (yahrzeit celebration) is 26 Sivan. He was the greatest of all the students of Rabbi Hillel. The Talmud [Sukkah 28a] reports that birds passing above his head would burn from the light of his Torah study!

Known for his famous Targum ["Translation"] of The Prophets, it is said [Talmud, Megillah 3a] that he also planned to author a translation-commentary on The Writings, but was prevented by Heaven so that he would not reveal the secrets of the final redemption.