Choni haMe'agel was once asked to pray for rain. So he drew a circle and declared: "Master of the Universe! See how Your children have turned to me! I swear by Your Great Name that I will not move from here until You have shown Mercy towards them! At that moment a few drop of rain began to fall. Choni exclaimed: "I prayed for enough rain to fill the wells and the ditches!" Torrential rain started to pour down from the Heavens. Choni then called out: "I didn't ask for this type of rain either! I prayed for rains of blessing and favor." Immediately, the right kind of rain began to fall… Rabbi Shimon ben Shetach later said: "I would have excommunicated anyone else but you Choni! What can I do with you, who insulted the Almighty but made Him do what you want, just like a son who insults his father but gets him to do what he wants?" (Taanis)

On the ground at the centre of the area in front of the tomb is a circle which has been drawn around two footprints. This is meant to represent the circle which Choni drew around himself when he declared that he would not move until G‑d had Mercy upon His children. According to some opinions, Choni's grandchildren are also buried at this site. Over the years it has become customary to offer prayers for rain at the tomb during times of drought.