Rabbi Leib "Baal Ha'yisurim" — "The Master of Suffering" or "The Afflicted One"-- was an outstanding scholar and G‑d-fearing man, a major disciple of Rabbi Shneur Zalman, the first Rebbe of Chabad. He was the first Chabad chasid to emigrate to the holy city of Hebron. It is not known how he acquired his title. At the end of his life he settled in Tsfat (a.k.a. Safed), where he passed away, old and accomplished, on the 15th of Mar-Cheshvan 1836.

Knowing his end to be near, he let it be known that anyone who found himself beset by insoluble problems (G‑d forbid) should visit his grave. This amounted to a commitment to come to a person's aid, and to this very day there are many who who visit his grave in Tsfat hoping to benefit from his assistance to their prayers, especially on Fridays.