Chasidic Masters

An anthology of inspirational insights from the Baal Shem Tov and the Hasidic leaders of the succeeding generations

Zodiac Trio
G-d chose to 'marry' the Jewish people during the third month, to give us a model for our own marriages and relationships.
Endless Inspiration
According to Kabbalah, the Counting of the Omer is nothing new at all.
Preparation…Then Elevation!
For seven weeks we clarify and rectify our animal soul
Wings of Flight
Love as well as fear of G-d are the two wings with which we ascend spiritually.
Exodus of Body and of Soul
Through waving the barley, animal food, the priests elevate physicality.
Crime of Passion
Whether the soul’s fire will be a constructive or destructive force is dependent on the person’s motivation.
Count and Wave
Count and Wave
By counting the Omer, we elicit a divine response from Above.
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