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Preparation…Then Elevation!
For seven weeks we clarify and rectify our animal soul
From Pesach to Shavuot our souls undergo three preparations for receiving the Torah. During the revelation on Pesach, we break through our spiritual boundaries and receive energy to purify ourselves. When counting the Omer, we concentrate on refining our characters and elevating coarse physicality into holy vitality, readying ourselves to be humble before the Torah, the words of G-d, on Shavuot.
Zodiac Trio
G-d chose to 'marry' the Jewish people during the third month, to give us a model for our own marriages and relationships.
In the Torah vision of marriage, oneness is not achieved by the obliteration of the weaker partner, nor are the two partners in conflict with each other. Rather, otherness of their spouse is an opportunity for each of them to grow beyond their egos and touch the truth to be found in the other.
Wings of Flight
Love as well as fear of G-d are the two wings with which we ascend spiritually.
Pesach was a time of an incredible undeserved outpouring of kindness and beneficence from G-d. The period of the Omer, a defined measurement, represents constraint of the flow of chesed, rendering one's divine service into a balance of love and fear (great awe) of G-d.
Endless Inspiration
According to Kabbalah, the Counting of the Omer is nothing new at all.
Every miracle that G-d performs leaves an indelible impression on the world. The miracles during the Exodus from Egypt, at the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, and the bestowing of the manna in the desert all left us with a spiritual treasure that can be accessed even in our lives and especially on the holidays that commemorate these events.
Crime of Passion
Whether the soul’s fire will be a constructive or destructive force is dependent on the person’s motivation.
When the holy Sanctuary was completed, Aaron’s two elder sons, deeply spiritual individuals, were drawn to enter the holiest sanctum on earth to bask in the ecstasy of the Temple’s pure spirit. But they erred in allowing their self-indulgent spiritual passion override their primary task to transform the world and therefore were consumed by its fire.
Count and Wave
Count and Wave
By counting the Omer, we elicit a divine response from Above.
"u'sefartem" literally means: "and you shall count" but also denotes "shining" or "brilliance". The ten principal expressions of divine manifestation are known in mystical literature as the ten sefirot, share this meaning. The mitzvah of counting the Omer draws down upon us the influence of the ten sefirot, causes them to "shine" upon us.
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