QUESTION: "I want to study the Kabbala, but I am not sure where I should begin as a novice. I do not speak or read Hebrew. Can you help me to find resources so I may begin to fully understand the secret holy teachings of these books?"

ANSWER: Please visit our Beginners Start Here page. Our Recommended Resources can also lead you to printed, internet, and human resources, respectively.

QUESTION: "Who began Kabbala? When was it founded? How was it founded?"

ANSWER: There are two possible answers for all three of your questions combined.
1) The secret mystical teachings of the Kabbala are part of the package of teachings that Moses received at Mt. Sinai.
2) They first derive from what Adam, the first human, learned at the time of Creation.
The first would be more than 3300 years ago, in the year 2448 after Creation. The date for the second is obvious.

QUESTION: "I was wondering if you can tell me what is Kabbala? Why are people learning it? Are we allowed to learn it? Aren't there laws that don't allow learning it until a certain spiritual level or a certain age? Has that changed because of the times and the amount of chasidut that is spread already?"

ANSWER: Please see our article What is Kabbala?...and Why? .

QUESTION: "What is a "Kabbalist? Is it just someone who knows a lot of Kabbala, or does the person have to have some sort of prophetic spirit or be divinely inspired?"

ANSWER: Most kabbalists, even most legitimate kabbalists, would fit into your first definition. The latter would apply only to a select few.

QUESTION: "What is the main difference between the way you are teaching Kabbala and what is offered at "The Kabbalah Center"?

ANSWER: We are offering teachings translated or based on genuine sources, and we are not offering any magic, curses, or instant superficial solutions. Also, all of our teachings are consistent with revealed Jewish law and we do not charge money for them.

QUESTION: "Do you have Kabbalaonline in Hebrew or any other languages?"

ANSWER: Not yet. Hebrew, Spanish and Russian are on the agenda.

QUESTION: "Why do you spell the name GOD as G-D?"

ANSWER: Because of Third Commandment concerns about improper or disrespectful use of His Name. Perhaps a page with a holy name will be printed, and then torn, discarded or defaced.

QUESTION: "Do you know if the full Zohar is going to be translated into good, readable English by someone who is spiritually as well as technically qualified?"

ANSWER: Yes. It has already started. But it will take a long time and much financial support.

QUESTION: "Is it possible to purchase some of the art in your "Kabbala Art Gallery"?"

ANSWER: Soon it will be possible to do so online. For the moment, send us an email as to which piece you are interested in, and we will send back price and payment information.

QUESTION: "Regarding the English books you recommend on your site, do you know of any internet sites where I can purchase them?"

ANSWER: Try: and

QUESTION: "Rabbi Yaakov Hillel published "Faith and Folly", a book with the approbation of Rabbi Scheinberg, Rav Kadouri, Rav Elayshiv, the Badatz and others. He discourages the study of Kabbala and explains how one must first perfect himself on other levels before engaging in kabbalistic pursuits. What is your justification for making it available on the internet?"

ANSWER: You can ask each of those esteemed rabbis to tell you what they think of our site. Perhaps you will be surprised.

QUESTION: "Do you write "kameyot" (amulets) for very sick people who need a medical miracle from the heavens? If so can you please help me or direct me?"

ANSWER: We are not involved with kameyot, nor do we feel comfortable recommending anyone by email. May the Al-mighty grant you a speedy recovery.

QUESTION: "I am a believing member of a Bnei Noach congregation in Tennessee. Is it allowed for me to study the Torah on your website?"

ANSWER: Yes. It is my opinion - not a rabbinical decision - that anything published in English is understood to be available to the whole world. And the same applies to Worldwide Web.

QUESTION: "I was wondering if you place prayers on the gravesites of the Sages? If so, which ones?"

ANSWER: Please visit our Send-a-Prayer section. There you will see a full and quite interesting description.

QUESTION: "I will be giving a class on kabbala in a non-orthodox high school and wish to use your site. Can you suggest the best use? It is an extraordinary site!"

ANSWER: I suggest our Beginners Start Here page. Read carefully and check out the recommended tutorial. This should suit your needs.