In the Zohar (pg. 270a) on the weekly portion Va'etchanan, Rebbe Shimon says: "In the future, at the end of days, the Holy One will return the People of Israel to the Land of Israel, and it is written regarding that time, "If a lion roars who dares not be afraid?" (Amos 3:8) The commentary on the Zohar, "Matok MiDvash," then refers the reader to the Talmud (Sanhedrin pg 106a): "Rabbi Yochanan says, "Woe to that umma (nation) that will exist at the time when the Holy One redeems His sons, who would place his coat between a lion and a lioness at the time when one requires the other (to mate) and Rashi adds: "delaying them…. is dangerous."

Note that Rabbi Yochanan says ‘umma’ in the singular, not many nations.

As to the meaning of the word umma, it is defined as:

"Arabic word for community, especially the Islamic community. Umma, derived from umm ("mother"), is a term traditionally used in Islam to denote the worldwide community of the faithful. In the twentieth century, the term was also sometimes used by Arabs to mean "nation" in a political sense, both in global terms (the pan-Arab umma) and local terms (a specific nation)." (//

The primary method for the re-conquering has always been Jihad...

In Islamic belief all land that was conquered by the Umma but subsequently taken from them – like "Palestine" and parts of Mediterranean Europe – still belongs to the Umma for all time, even though it may be temporarily in the hands of others. The primary method for the re-conquering has always been Jihad, which we hear being so strongly called for today.

Lately the Jihadists have taken an interest in conquering Syria and Bashir Assad (appropriately Assad means 'lion' in Arabic) is trying to destroy them. Perhaps we can say that the "Big Lion" is using the "Little Lion" to do His work. Furthermore the anti-jihad rebellion is spreading to Egypt and other countries in the Middle East. Woe to the Umma!

Editor’s note:
The author, a Torah Codes consultant at Ascent-of-Safed, says that combining together the letters between Levit. (8:21) and Deut. (7:13) at intervals of 5773 letters produces the words: "Rosh Tzevah Neshek Nesher L’vaser Hapala HaUma, meaning: "Head of Eagle (Egyptian Army symbol) Army to announce fall of the Umma!" May it be quickly in our time, Amen.

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