It is curious to note that Ahashverosh was the king of Persia, which in 1935 changed its name to Iran (meaning Land of the Aryans) in order to affiliate with Hitler’s master race (identified as Aryan, for real or imagined reasons). Iran (the Land of these self-indentified Aryans) has publicly stated its genocidal intention to wipe Israel off the map.

...the Aryans were the original Brahmin caste in India...

Historically, it appears that the Aryans were the original Brahmin caste in India that introduced the earliest scriptural writings, called the Vedas which Jewish tradition connects to the verse in Genesis 25:6. After Sarah died Abraham remarried Ketura (which commentaries identify with Hagar, the mother of Ishmael) and had six additional sons "to whom he gave gifts, and sent them…eastward, to the east country." Commentators note the similarity between A-braham and Brahman (as well as other commonalties) and speculate that the gifts Abraham sent with his sons were the mystical teachings that seeded early Brahmanism. Apparently the elite Brahman status was originally connected to the spiritual wisdom they possessed.

It is also interesting to note that the word Aryan, in Hebrew, actually means lion-like, and that one and a half thousand years before Esther honored Ahashverosh with the title of lion, Jacob (Abraham’s grandson) blesses his son Yehuda / Judah (the one whose name represents the entire Jewish people, who are called Yehudim, i.e., Jews) with the following words: "Young lion (aryeh), Judah, you have risen from prey, my son. He crouches like a lion, like an awesome lion, who will dare rouse him?" In fact, an emblem among Jews almost as common as the Jewish Star is the Lion of Judah. It is a strange irony that these Aryans, who seem, at least recently, to have such compelling hatred for the Jewish race, might actually trace their leonine (synonym for Aryan) roots to Abraham, the first Jew.

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