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9th of Av: Be Your Own Doctor
The Zohar
Fasting strengthens our resolve to not give in to temptation at its most basic level. By succeeding we strengthen the forces of the holy in our own body and empower the rebuilding of the Temple.
Fixing the Mixing
The Holy Ari
The Sages note that it was the "Mixed Multitude" of non-Jews that accompanied the Jews in their exodus from Egypt who instigated the idolatry of the Golden Calf. The Arizal explains that they were indeed meant to be elevated eventually, since they contained sparks of holiness, but Moses tried to do this prematurely.
2 Tabernacles for 2 Realities
Mystical Classics
The message that G‑d's Presence can be contained on earth by building a man-made Sanctuary is mind boggling! Solomon realized that it was possible for G‑d's presence to fill the Temple he had built only because Mount Moriah had been the gateway to Heaven since Creation. For that reason Adam and Noah offered their sacrifices at that site, and so did Abraham and Jacob.
Between the Days of Distress
Chasidic Illumination
"Bein hametzarim", translated as "between the days of distress", refers to the three weeks between the 17th of the month of Tammuz and the 9th of Av. There are 21 days this time period, 21 days and 21 nights, 42 periods in all.

Parashat Masei, enumerating the 42 journeys (or camping places) of the Jewish People in the desert before reaching the Land of Israel, is always read at this time. These 42 stops represent the major rectifications that a Jew must accomplish before Mashiach will come.
Dancing in the Moonlight
Contemporary Kabbalists
To make room for Creation, G-d had to move the light to one side, which, like the incomplete moon, is on the level of malchut. The Torah and mitzvot we perform in the world repair the blemish and bring the fullest light.
Visions of Redemption
Ascent Lights
Every descent is for the sake of the ascent that will surely follow. The tragic events we annually mourn for at this time of year are for the purpose of the great elevation that will come from them, the rebuilding of the final and everlasting Temple, may this be fulfilled soon!
Empty Bottles on a Window Ledge
Mystic Story
Out of the Ashes
Laws & Customs
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