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THEMES of Featured Contemporary Kabbalists Articles

Seeing Through the Clouds
The Hebrew month of Av is often considered a month of tragedy, since it is on the 9th that the Holy Temple was destroyed, as well as other disasters. However, in Av, we have the opportunity to focus not only on the destruction of the Holy Temple, but also on the time it will be rebuilt.
Tisha B'Av and the the Beauty of the Universe
"Rabbi Elazar said: Whenever a person has Dei'ah, it is as if the Holy Temple has been built in his days."

True Da'at is knowing how to utilize all facets of the soul, including his powers of imagination. In their wisdom, they are able to recreate for themselves and those around them a small measure of the Temple's holy influence.
The Resonance of Jerusalem
Jerusalem is simple, but not naive and in many ways, a combination of contradictions. At this time of year, we mourn for Jerusalem, yet we hold out hope that we will see mourning swept away forever, by its peace and wholeness and holiness.
Dancing in the Moonlight
To make room for Creation, G-d had to move the light to one side, which, like the incomplete moon, is on the level of malchut. The Torah and mitzvot we perform in the world repair the blemish and bring the fullest light.