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Between the Temples
Kabbalah teaches that the Future Temple is a hidden beginning that has yet to be revealed.
Because of Adam's sin, Creation was not perfected but has only come to the level of rectification corresponding to chochma. But when the hidden beginning corresponding to keter is revealed in all its power and glory, all the lights will come to a far greater, higher level, after which there will be no more decline.
Destruction of Body and Soul
The Temple and its Destruction are matters of the soul
The reason we have lost the Temple and have been sent into exile is that we were guilty of violating those Torah laws designed to perfect our soul, body and financial dealings. Our sages have said that during the period of the First Temple, Israel sinned by worshipping idols, engaging in sexual licentiousness and committing murder.
2 Tabernacles for 2 Realities
The sanctuary on earth is opposite G‑d's sanctuary in Heaven
The message that G‑d's Presence can be contained on earth by building a man-made Sanctuary is mind boggling! Solomon realized that it was possible for G‑d's presence to fill the Temple he had built only because Mount Moriah had been the gateway to Heaven since Creation. For that reason Adam and Noah offered their sacrifices at that site, and so did Abraham and Jacob.
Black Eggs & White Cheese: The Secret of Jewish Resilience
The 60 philosophers of Athens took out 2 eggs; the solitary Jewish sage took out 2 pieces of cheese—and he won the debate.
The darker side of our life, the sins we commit, the mistakes we make, the "downers" we experience, are not fun or pure. But their ultimate objective is to allow us to reach a depth in our relationship with G‑d which we could not appreciate without these mistakes.
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