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Meditations for Troubled Times
Kabbalah provides unique mystical meditations to sweeten harsh judgment.
The Ari outlines mystical meditations to be applied to the daily liturgy during the Three Weeks, offering deep secrets as to the nature of divine mercy and the impending Redemption at this traditional time of mourning the historical tragedies which have befallen the Jewish People.
Fixing the Mixing
Fixing the Mixing
Kabbalah expounds the mystical background of the Golden Calf.
The Sages note that it was the "Mixed Multitude" of non-Jews that accompanied the Jews in their exodus from Egypt who instigated the idolatry of the Golden Calf. The Arizal explains that they were indeed meant to be elevated eventually, since they contained sparks of holiness, but Moses tried to do this prematurely.
Redeeming the Widow in Exile
In every generation a spark of the Mashiach comes into the world
Tamar also applies to the Shechinah; exile is compared to widowhood, since in exile the Shechinah must exist without her husband (G-d). Shelah refers to the Jewish people in exile. The Shechinah is destined to mate when Shelah attains his mature form, Shiloh, referring to the Mashiach, the consummate leader and representative of the Jewish people.
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