I will now further explain the two shoulders of Adam:

It has already been made known how netzach and hod of Atik Yomin are clothed within chesed and gevura/the two arms of Arich Anpin. After that the two arms of Arich Anpin are [in turn] clothed in the two mochin - chochma and bina of Abba and Imma.

The two shoulders of Arich are clothed within the da’at of Zeir Anpin, which divides into two crowns called chesed and gevura. From them flows ohr makif to the Nukva of Zeir Anpin.

It is also known that Atik Yomin only has nine sefirot, which in the Zohar (Noach) are called 'tisha heichalin' [nine chambers], as is explained at the beginning of the Idra Zuta. The level of malchut is not mentioned at all with respect to Atik Yomin. Therefore, the only malchut mentioned is with respect to the sefira of hod, because the male side is netzach and the female side is hod.

The hod of Atik Yomin is clothed in the gevura of Arich Anpin, which is its left shoulder. It is called the crown of gevura , in the secret of ateret ba’alah [crown of her husband] - because that is where malchut is alluded to, as mentioned. From this we see that a spark of light flows from this left shoulder acts as an ohr makif for the Nukva of Zeir Anpin.

Therefore, the root of Cain, which is from the side of the Nukva of Zeir Anpin, grasps onto the left shoulder of Adam. However, the right shoulder is from the netzach of Atik Yomin, and within it is the secret of Zeir Anpin, the male aspect. Therefore, the root of Abel is in the right shoulder of Adam. It is already known that malchut can ascend to the male place, in the secret of ateret ba’alah - specifically on the level of ohr makif. With this you can appreciate the greatness of the left shoulder of Adam.

This point is brought out in order to fully appreciate the Mashiach root.

[Translation and commentary by Perets Auerbach.]