In this chapter we will explain the statement of the Sages which says, "It was taught: "Michael [travels the world] in one [flight], Gabriel in two, Eliyahu in four, etc." (Berachot 4b) We have already explained the matter of Elijah’s four flights in earlier discussions.

Before the sin, Adam had nefesh/ruach/neshama from Yetzira, Asiya and Beriya. On top of this, he had nefesh/ruach/neshama from malchut, tiferet, and bina of Atzilut.1 Moreover, as we have also explained previously, all the souls were included in Adam except for the completely new souls, since he had yet to merit them. Therefore, they were not included in him.

After [Adam] sinned with the tree of knowledge, limbs fell off him everywhere he went...

After he sinned with the tree of knowledge, limbs fell off him everywhere he went, as the Sages say. (Midrash) It happened to him as it happened to Jephtah from Gilad because of the sin of his daughter, as it says, "They buried him in the cities [pl.] of Gilad." (Judges 12:7) It does not say "the city [singular] of Gilad."

Thus, all the souls that were included in the limbs of the soul of Adam fell off him once he sinned into the depths of the kelipot, each one to its appropriate level. However, the nefesh/ruach/neshama of Atzilut, called zehira ila’a [supernal glow] by the Zohar, did not heaven forbid fall into the kelipot. (Zohar III Kedoshim) However, the level of Ruach and Neshama were removed from Adam once he sinned and flew upward. The Nefesh of Atzilut flew above him, but it did not completely leave him, as mentioned before.

Enoch, after he merited his [Adam’s] Nefesh, Ruach, and Neshama [of Beriya, Yetzira, and Asiya], also merited the level of Neshama of Atzilut which was removed from Adam when he sinned. Now we will discuss the Nefesh of Adam from the World of Atzilut, which remained and hovered above him.

When Cain and Abel, Adam’s sons, were born, they received the level of nefesh/ruach/neshama of Asiya, Yetzira, and Beriya, as well as the level of Nefesh of Atzilut which was previously their father’s. As is known, every soul has levels called ohr makif [surrounding light] and ohr penimi [internal light].

Part of these souls were left in Adam, part went to his sons. The details will be elaborated.

When Jethro the father-in-law of Moses converted, he merited the Nefesh of Atzilut that had been given to Cain, but just on the level of ohr penimi. So it is written, "Heber the Kenite separated from Kenites [hinting to Cain."2] (Judges 4:11) We will explain this in its proper place. Nadab and Abihu took the ohr makif of the Nefesh of Atzilut of Adam, which had been given to his son Cain.

[Translation and commentary by Perets Auerbach.]