Welcome to our special Rosh Hashana issue to inaugurate Jewish year 5784. .
The lead article, from the Zohar, is about Judgement Day. The 2nd is about Rosh Hashana coinciding with Shabbat,
while #3-4 are about the main mitzvah and an important custom that we don't do when 1st day of Rosh Hashana is on Shabbat: Shofar & Tashlich.
Rosh Hashana is a festival of both soul (article #5) and body (#6). For Selichot sayers, we held over on the home page our main article about it.
The shofar article —also from the Zohar — is quite advanced, with much Kabbalah terminology.
Articles 2-3 are by members of the original KOL team in Tzefat,
while articles 5 & 6 are by other serious knowledgeable students of Kabbalah
Next week: Our special Yom Kippur 5784 issue (+ haftorah Teshuva + Ha'azinu)