Welcome to our special Lag b'Omer edition
Most years, Lag b'Omer (Monday-night-Tuesday) is 'picnic day,' 'bonfire night, 'outing day' and so forth. In Israel it is primarily "Kabbalah Day" or more specifically, "Zohar Day," especially here in the Safed-Meron area, near the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, the source of the main Zohar teachings.
The first 3 articles and the concluding story examine different aspects of this important occasion.
The 4th article presents insights for the 5th chapter of Pirkei Avot (the Mishnaic tractate of 'Ethical Principles'), of which we study one chapter each Shabbat until Shavuot (and many repeat the cycle through the last Shabbat before Rosh Hashana).
The story (#7) is quite astonishing.It is from KOL's managing editor's second book,
"Festivals of the Full Moon" — available here.
The Weekly Reading combines two separate readings.
Article #5 plus the story (#7) is for Behar; #6 is for Bechukotai.