Chapter 4

4:1 What You See is What You Get
A person can know his spiritual level via the way he views others.
Do a Mitzvah, Get a Mitzvah
Performing G-d's commandments is a wise investment.
4:2 Mitzvah Rewards
The quality of our actions determines the outcome.
4:6 Simple Honor
Proper intentions can elevate anyone above the spiritual level of even the most righteous.
Jewish mysticism teaches that it's best if we initiate our return to G-d.
4:12 The Sum is Greater than its Parts
The three crowns that G-d gave to Israel relate to the three-part spiritual makeup of a human.
4:20 Old Wine in a New Vessel
Kabbalah emphasizes the need to look at the mystical root of everything in our lives.
4:21 A Deeper Force
One may think he wants material objects as ends in themselves, but his desire may actually be rooted in the depths of his soul.
4:22 Delighting in G-d
Don't get too invested in This World.
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